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About Daily News Bin

Daily News Bin is the place for politics and more. Founded in the summer of 2015, we provide news and commentary on the 2016 election as well as other important political and social issues.

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Bill Palmer: Senior Editor and Founder • ArticlesFacebookTwitter

Bill is the founder of Daily News Bin and he covers a variety of political and social topics

Wendy Luxenburg: Political Writer • ArticlesFacebook

Wendy lives in Chicago and covers liberal politics

Thom Palmer: Political Writer • ArticlesFacebook

Thom Palmer (no relation to Bill Palmer) covers political topics

Susan Bordo: Political Writer • ArticlesFacebookAmazon Author Profile

Susan Bordo is the author of many books on culture, history, and politics and is currently writing one on Hillary Clinton.

Maureen McDonald: Singer-Songwriter • ArticlesFacebookTwitter

Better known as Mozella in the music industry, she’s co-written songs for Miley Cyrus, One Direction, and Rihanna among others

Christy Bishop Cricow: Political Writer • ArticlesFacebook

Christy offers political commentary on issues past and present

Patrik Herilka: Political Writer • Facebook

Patrik focuses on insight into politics and elections

Carl LaFlamme: Political Writer • ArticlesOfficial site

Carl is a writer and podcast host

Pamela Munson: Political Writer • ArticlesFacebook

Pamela writes about democratic politics

Elaine Pratt Pils: Political Writer • ArticlesFacebook

Elaine has followed Democratic Party politics since her Arkansas days

Avery C. Bauer: Political Writer • ArticlesFacebook

Avery covers political topics

Carter Lloyd: Political Writer • ArticlesFacebookLeftVirginia

Carter is a West Virginia attorney living in Virginia who has been very involved in the Democratic and Progressive movements in both states ever since he served on Student Government at UVA and is a veteran of a number of political campaigns.

Kevin Spann: Political Writer • ArticlesFacebook

Kevin covers southern U.S. politics from Alabama

Rebecca Flores: Political Writer • ArticlesFacebook

Rebecca lives in Illinois and covers politics

Lynne Gee: Political Writer • ArticlesFacebook

Lynne lives in Pennsylvania and covers politics

Kim Ehly: Political Writer • ArticlesFacebook

Kim lives in Florida

Chel Wolverton: Political Writer • ArticlesFacebook

Chel lives and works in Boston

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