Bernie Sanders slams Donald Trump’s Education Secretary pick over millions in unpaid fines

Now that Donald Trump has announced a set of cabinet picks who are uniformly unfit for their respective jobs, Democrats in the Senate are wasting no time trying to expose the shortcomings of the various nominees involved. In fact a quintet of Senators led by Bernie Sanders are already going after Betsy DeVos, Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education, over the millions of dollars in fines she’s racked up and never bothered to pay.

DeVos, who has never attended a public school herself, and has never sent any of her kids to a public school, is almost uniquely unqualified for the job of Education Secretary. In fact she’s spent much of her career trying to destroy public schools in favor of funneling taxpayer money into private for-profit charter schools. And she’s done so through a PAC that’s violated so many election laws, the state of Ohio has levied $5.3 million in fines – which DeVos and her PAC never did bother to pay.

The Sanders-led team of Senators pointed out today that Betsy DeVos would be in charge of administering student loan programs, yet she’s refusing to pay her own debts, which she incurred due to illegal activities to begin with. The Hill has the full story on Bernie and DeVos. It now appears that Senate Democrats may try to tackle Trump’s dozen-plus unfit nominees by divvying them up and each focusing on a different one. Sanders focused heavily on student debt during his own campaign, and seems to want to take down DeVos badly. If you enjoy Daily News Bin, consider making a contribution:

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