Donald Trump offered ambassador positions as bribes to bring celebs to inauguration

After running an openly racist and sexist and crude campaign, Donald Trump is now predictably having a hard time getting any respectable celebrities to perform at his planned inauguration. Thus far he’s apparently only been able to come up with Kid Rock and a crotch-grabbing Ted Nugent. But that’s not for lack of trying. In fact Trump’s team has been exposed for offering ambassador positions in the name of trying to land bigger stars.

Popular entertainment news outlet The Wrap is reporting that two different A-list talent bookers were offered everything from cash to ambassadorships if they could convince their biggest stars to perform at Trump’s inauguration. And these weren’t just random offers made off the top of a rogue Trumps staffer’s head. One of the two talent bookers who spoke with The Wrap is confirming that two additional talent bookers were offered similar bribes.

Daily News Bin is still doing legal research in an attempt to determine whether the Trump campaign violated any federal laws by offering these ambassador positions as bribes in return for favors. However, the Chapman Law Review has quite a detailed look back at all the trouble Richard Nixon ran into for selling ambassadorships to the highest bidder. If you enjoy Daily News Bin, consider making a contribution:

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