FBI’s James Comey admits CIA is right: Russia rigged election for Donald Trump

One week after a CIA revelation that Russia rigged the 2016 presidential election with the intention of ensuring a Donald Trump victory, the FBI is now formally acknowledging that the CIA is correct. This marks a surprising turn on the part of FBI Director James Comey, who took his own steps to try to tip the election to Trump, but who is now aligning himself with the CIA’s view.

The stunning development, first reported by the Washington Post, comes just moments before President Barack Obama is set to take the stage for his final press conference of the year. It’s not yet clear what Obama is planning to do with this information.

But now that it’s been confirmed that FBI Director James Comey is in full agreement with CIA Director John Brennan that Russia hacked the election on behalf of Donald Trump, it means there is full agreement among the nation’s top intelligence agencies on the matter. This story is obviously still developing. If you enjoy Daily News Bin, consider making a contribution:

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