Federal judge considers releasing James Comey’s dirty laundry to the public

If you’ve wondered how it was that FBI Director James Comey has faced so little blowback after he dishonestly rigged the presidential election in Donald Trump‘s favor, it turns out he may be about to get what’s coming to him. Comey released a misleading letter just eleven days before the election, aimed at tricking the public into believing Hillary Clinton had done something wrong, only to later admit she hadn’t. Now a federal judge is deciding whether to release the secret warrant involved, which could expose that Comey had no basis for any of what he said or did.

Holocaust attorney Randol Schoenberg filed a lawsuit earlier this week to try to get his hands on everything pertaining to Comey’s publicly announced pseudo-investigation of Hillary Clinton, as well as Comey’s apparently very real yet secret investigation of Donald Trump‘s ties to the Russians. And now a federal judge is deciding whether to make public the search warrant which Comey obtained after he released his letter implying he was re-investigating Clinton.

If it turns out that the warrant in question had little or nothing to do with Clinton, as many have suspected, it would demonstrate that James Comey did indeed purposely rig the election in Donald Trump’s favor. According to Reuters, the judge has demanded to see the warrant before making his decision. It’s already publicly known that the investigation was focused on former Congressman Anthony Weiner, and not Clinton. So if the warrant is made public, it could serve as a body blow to Comey’s already sinking reputation. If you enjoy Daily News Bin, consider making a contribution:

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  1. Sean Aaron Cruz on December 13, 2016 at 11:11 pm

    I think that we need to recognize that we are now facing an unprecedented Constitutional crisis with a Nation divided as deeply as during the Revolutionary and Civil War eras. With every passing day, Trump demonstrates his unworthiness, unfitness and untrustworthiness again and again. His picks are guaranteed to divide the Nation more deeply and his team’s relationship(s) with Russia and disdain for our institutions and the free press are the Clear and Present Danger that cannot be “given a chance” in any respect.

    We are standing on the threshold of open rebellion….

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