Garth Brooks bails on Donald Trump’s inauguration

It looks like those who hate Donald Trump can scrap their plans to go after Garth Brooks with pitchforks. The country singer was widely rumored to be a performer at Trump’s inauguration in January, and his earlier vague comments on the matter sounded a lot like a confirmation. But as it turns out, Garth Brooks is now officially bailing on the inauguration, leaving Trump with a D-list of performers which grows more embarrassing by the day.

Although Garth Brooks hit his commercial peak more than a decade ago, he brings instant name recognition, and has fans outside the country music base. He would have been a major score for an otherwise bleak looking Donald Trump inauguration performance. The San Francisco Chronicle is now reporting that Brooks is out. That leaves Trump with a list which includes the openly Republican singer Kid Rock, the openly racist one hit wonder Ted Nugent, and according to Rolling Stone magazine, a former runner-up from The Voice.

Garth Brooks and his people have offered no explanation for why he’s ultimately decided to bail on Donald Trump’s inauguration. But with Trump being an admitted sexual predator who ran an openly racist and sexist campaign, and is now the most divisive “president-elect” in at least a century, Brooks may have wanted to avoid alienating his fans. Or perhaps the reportedly liberal leaning singer simply couldn’t stomach the idea of performing for Trump. If you enjoy Daily News Bin, consider making a contribution:

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