“House of Cards” creator wants you to call Donald Trump’s Washington DC hotel right now

The creator of the fictional TV drama “House of Cards” is not a fan of the real life politician who’s just as corrupt as his main character. Beau Willimon, who created the Kevin Spacey vehicle about a corrupt politician who dishonestly rises through the Washington DC ranks, doesn’t appear to like Donald Trump at all. In fact he’s outraged at Trump’s conflicts of interest, and he’s encouraging his fans to call up Trump’s DC hotel right now en masse and abide by the following script:

The Trump Hotel in Washington D.C. is only blocks away from the White House. If Trump does not sell the hotel he will profit from diplomats, lobbyists and special interests seeking to curry favor with his administration, or who hope avoid retaliation for giving business to his competitors. The hotel’s property is also leased to Trump by the federal government, creating a second layer of conflict. By flooding the hotel with calls we can apply both public and media pressure for Trump to sell the hotel – the only surefire way to prevent such conflicts of interest.

The following number is publicly listed on the hotel website, so it is perfectly fine for you to share this number with others via email or social media.


1. Call 202.695.1100

2. When reception answers: “Hello, I’m interested in staying at your hotel but feel uncomfortable doing so while there is a conflict of interest with the incoming administration. Can you please tell me when the Trump Organization plans to sell the hotel?”

3. If Reception says something like, “I don’t know,” or “I’m sorry, we don’t have that information,” ask if you can speak to a Manager. If they refuse to put you through to a manager, ask if they will connect you to someone at the Trump Organization in New York who has this information.

4. If they connect you to a Manager or to the Trump Organization (highly unlikely), repeat the question in in number 2.

5. Do not hang up. Keep trying until they hang up on you.

Finally, remember to be POLITE. Don’t bully or use foul language. The folks at reception are just doing their jobs. It’s not their fault that Trump is profiting from conflicts of interest. The goal is to have enough incoming calls that the message gets kicked up to their bosses, and eventually reaches the press and Trump himself. GOOD LUCK!

Willimon posted his instruction sheet in a Google document, which can be found here. Season five of House of Cards will debut in March of 2017 – that is, if Donald Trump hasn’t gotten us all nuked by that time. Update: Willimon’s original tweet has vanished without explanation, but his Google doc is still accessible at the above link. If you enjoy Daily News Bin, consider making a contribution:

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