Joy Reid shows up Trump with video of all the times President Obama said “Merry Christmas”

Donald Trump has spent the past year pretending there’s a “War on Christmas” and insisting that once he’s in charge, America will be saying “Merry Christmas” again. His seeming insinuation all along was that President Obama somehow took Christmas away from Americans because he’s secretly a Muslim. But now MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid is showing up Trump by posting a video compilation of all the times in which President Obama has indeed said Merry Christmas.

Joy Reid, who has made more of an effort to report on Donald Trump‘s various international entanglements and corruption during this election cycle than everyone else on cable news put together. She tweeted a minute-plus video montage of President Obama saying Merry Christmas in various settings during the various years of his administration. She also aired a full report about the matter, which you can watch in the video below:

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