New poll: vast majority of Bernie Sanders supporters now plan to vote for Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders formally endorsed Hillary Clinton for President today, in no uncertain terms, during their joint campaign event today in New Hampshire. The question now becomes how many of his supporters will pivot to her and end up voting for her in the general election in November, now that the guy they trust is telling them to trust her as well. The first national poll numbers to reflect today’s endorsement won’t arrive until the end of the week at the earliest. But new polling reveals that the vast majority of Bernie’s fans were already planning to vote for Hillary even before this morning’s event.

The new Pew Poll shows that Hillary Clinton has a nine point lead over Donald Trump nationally, a number which is roughly in line with most of other national polling outlets. But the details in that poll may be even more illuminating. Eighty-five percent of Bernie Sanders supporters told the Pew poll that they plan to vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election, meaning that they’ve made the transition to her without needing to hear his blessing first.

Now that Sanders has endorsed Clinton, that number should inch even higher. Undecided voters may also take today’s endorsement as a sign that Hillary is more trusted by her own primary rivals than Donald Trump is trust by his primary rivals; the majority of people he faced in the Republican primary are refusing to so much as attend the convention, let alone endorse him. Jeb Bush lambasted Trump in a televised interview last night.

Naturally, Trump lashed out at Bernie Sanders today by claiming that he was “selling out” by endorsing Hillary Clinton. But with some loud exceptions notwithstanding, most of Bernie’s supporters appear to take a different view. With 85% of them already on board with her before the endorsement, it points to overwhelming Democratic Party unity ahead. If you enjoy Daily News Bin, consider making a contribution:

Bill Palmer
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