Rachel Maddow utterly destroys Kellyanne Conway in devastating interview

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow conducted an interview with Donald Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway on Thursday evening, and in contrast to other television appearances in which other hosts have treated Conway with kid gloves, Maddow spent the interview burying her. Rachel opened her show by putting Donald Trump‘s bizarre tweet about nuclear weapons in context of historical danger, and then pivoted to demanding Conway explain what Trump was doing. She had no answer.

Even as Kellyanne Conway spent the opening segment insisting that Donald Trump wasn’t actually making policy when he tweeted that America needs to “expand its nuclear capability,” Rachel Maddow would not allow her to squirm out of it. Maddow asked Conway various questions about which nations have the most nuclear weapons and which of them have those weapons at the ready, and she ultimately had to admit she didn’t know.

Maddow then went on to insist that Conway explain why Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was advocating on behalf of Turkey without revealing that he was on Turkey’s payroll at the time, and why he tweeted the false claim that Hillary Clinton was some kind of child rapist. Conway tried to squirm out of it by rationalizing that it didn’t disqualify Flynn from the job because he’s done other unspecified good things in his career.

Even though Maddow kept a relaxed and friendly tone throughout the interview, she proceeded to methodically destroy Kellyanne Conway one humiliating question at a time. Watch the must-see interview in the video below:

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