You booking at me? Robert De Niro’s NYC hotel is clobbering Donald Trump’s neighboring hotel

If you ask the locals, they’ll tell you that The Greenwich Hotel has become the trendy hotel in the Village/Soho/Tribeca area of Manhattan in New York City. In fact celebrities are known to regularly stay at the upscale hotel, which just happens to be owned by actor Robert De Niro, and business is soaring. As it turns out, part of the reason for the success is that Donald Trump‘s nearby Trump Soho hotel is now being shunned by celebrities and non-celebrities alike.

Trump Soho is far from the only Trump-branded property in New York and elsewhere which has seen its business plummet since Donald Trump entered politics in 2015 as a divisive, racist, sexist, demagogic figure. But the Soho hotel may serve to best encapsulate just how much Trump’s business empire has suffered due to his political extremism. According to a new report from local newspaper The Villager, so few celebrities are now willing to stay at Trump Soho, even the paparazzi have given up stalking the place, because there’s no one to be photographed.

In fact, bookings at the Trump Soho have fallen off by more than half since Donald Trump entered politics. Meanwhile, half a mile away, Robert De Niro and his Greenwich Hotel are now the happening spot for celebrities and anyone else who can afford to stay there. It seems fitting, as lifelong New Yorker De Niro really hates Donald Trump and everything that he stands for. If you enjoy Daily News Bin, consider making a contribution:

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