Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman threatens to subpoena Donald Trump over Russia

Even as Donald Trump continues to publicly pretend that Vladimir Putin and Russia played no role in rigging the election on his behalf, even the recalcitrant FBI is now agreeing with the CIA that Russia installed Trump. And now even the Republican leadership in the Senate is taking direct aim at Trump over it.

Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr, the newly reelected Republican Senator from North Carolina, has posted what he refers to as the “Committee’s Review of Russian Intelligence” on his official Senate website. He lays out detailed plans for how he intends to move forward. Notably, he threatens to subpoena anyone who doesn’t cooperate, including Trump and his staff.

Burr’s final bullet point reads: “Interview senior officials of both the outgoing and incoming administrations including the issuance of subpoenas if necessary to compel testimony.” As Donald Trump and his staff are the ones who benefited from Russia’s meddling in the election, and are suspected of having colluded with the Russians on this matter, the threat of subpoenas is rather clearly aimed at Trump and his staff. Also of note is Senator Burr’s impassioned argument in defense of the intelligence community:

“Finally, a note about the men and women of the Intelligence Community. Without exception, I know them to be hard-working, patriotic Americans. They care deeply about their country, and work every day to keep us safe. They come from all walks of life and hold views across the political spectrum. Unlike many in Washington, though, they check politics at the office door and focus on their mission. They are tasked with keeping our nation’s leaders well-informed about events around the world. While their failures are often well known, their successes rarely see the light of day. We would all do well to remember the sacrifices they make on our behalf and keep in mind that what we do with the intelligence they provide is up to us.”

The above sentiment” from Republican Senator Richard Burr runs in direct contrast with Donald Trump’s insistence that the intelligence community doesn’t know what it’s talking about, along with his refusal to accept daily intel briefings. If you enjoy Daily News Bin, consider making a contribution:

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