Two Donald Trump top advisors have affair together, one is pregnant, the other resigns

The Donald Trump administration has already been thrown into chaos by a sex scandal nearly a month before it can even take office, and in a strange twist, the scandal involves two of his top advisors having an affair with each other. One of them is apparently now pregnant, and is publicly accusing the other of being her “baby daddy” even though he’s married – prompting him to quit a top level Trump administration job almost immediately after having been named to it.

Donald Trump‘s would-be White House Communications Director Jason Miller and Trump’s transition team advisor A.J. Delgado apparently had an affair during the campaign, or so claims Delgado herself. Even as Miller was announcing that he was giving up his new job just two days after having been named to the position, Delgado was publicly referring to Miller as being her “baby-daddy” on Twitter, as documented by Politico.

Delgado then deleted not just the tweets in question, but her entire Twitter account – a panic move typically reserved for when someone wants to bury all the evidence they’ve ever said about a topic. Now it turns out that the rest of the Trump team had been aware of the affair between the two for months, and had merely chosen to ignore it during the course of the campaign. That means this Trump team sex scandal could still have another shoe to drop. If you enjoy Daily News Bin, consider making a contribution:

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