China seizes U.S. Navy drone to teach overmatched Donald Trump a lesson

Perhaps Donald Trump thought he was being clever when he made a point of calling the President of Taiwan almost immediately after he was named “president elect” of the United States, sending China into a rage. Perhaps Trump’s notorious lack of understanding of basic foreign policy, and lack of qualified advisors around him, prevented him from knowing any better. Or perhaps he really was just trying to nail down that Taiwan hotel deal and didn’t care about the consequences. But either way, Donald Trump has already prompted China into a retaliatory act of war against the United States.

Just a few days after China made a point of flying a bomber over the South China Sea aimed at sending a symbolic message to Donald Trump to back off, now the Chinese government is making a more tangible statement.

Yesterday China further ramped up its aggression by seizing an underwater drone belonging to the United States Navy. While the done was unmanned and there was no risk of harm to any U.S. personnel, the seizing of U.S. military property by a foreign government is a de facto and intentional act of war.

China’s sudden aggression is likely two fold. There can be little question that Chinese President Xi Jinping is attempting to send a clear message to an overmatched Donald Trump that he can’t meddle in what China considers to be its internal affairs in Taiwan without facing consequences. But, as can also clearly be seen by Russia’s sudden genocidal aggression in Aleppo immediately following Trump’s victory, world leaders are now giving Trump a crash course in just how much they can get away with thanks to his foreign policy cluelessness.

These blatantly aggressive military postures from foreign nations are playing out a full month before Donald Trump is scheduled to take office. It appears nations like China and Russia are licking their chops so thoroughly at the prospect of getting to face such a weakling of a U.S. President that they’re already moving forward with their strategies. Additionally, Trump is in no position to retaliate against China, considering the massive personal debt he owes to a Chinese government controlled bank. If you enjoy Daily News Bin, consider making a contribution:

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