“Congratulations to the baby daddy” – Donald Trump team turns into Jerry Springer show

Jerry Springer famously said during the 2016 presidential campaign that Hillary Clinton belonged in the White House, while Donald Trump belonged on his show. Now it turns out Trump and his nascent administration are already proving Springer right in alarming fashion. Shortly after the Trump team announced that Jason Miller would be its White House Communications Director, fellow Trump advisor A.J. Delgado tweeted “Congratulations to the baby-daddy.” Oops.

Delgado’s tweet can no longer be directly accessed because she’s since deleted her entire Twitter account just to try to make it all go away, but publications like Politico and Mediaite have confirmed that it did indeed happen. The backstory appears to be that Miller, who is married, had an affair with Delgado during the Trump campaign and got her pregnant.

After Delgado’s Twitter outburst, which went on to see her identifying Miller by name as being the “baby-daddy” in question, and then comparing him to infamously unfaithful politician John Edwards, it turns out Miller quickly resigned from the Communications Director job which had just been handed to him. There’s no telling where this sex scandal and paternity saga may go next, or what kind of political figure Miller or Delgado may have after this; perhaps they should simply head straight to the Jerry Springer show and save time. If you enjoy Daily News Bin, consider making a contribution:

Bill Palmer
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