Five embarrassing things about Donald Trump’s Christmas tweet

In a week which saw Donald Trump tweeting about everything from wanting a nuclear arms race to falsely accusing a major news outlet of having misquoted him, it would be difficult to peg Donald Trump‘s errant Christmas tweet today as being particularly high on the atrociousness scale. But it did offer an opportunity for some insight into just how ineptly tone deaf Trump’s ceremonial holiday measures may go during his tenure. In that regard here are five no good, horrible, very bad things about Donald Trump’s Christmas tweet:

1. He didn’t post it: Take a look at the tweet in question in an app like Tweetbot and you’ll see that it was posted with an iPhone. But Donald Trump uses an Android phone, and the tweets posted from an iPhone have all turned out to be posted by his staff. So even with as much time as Trump spends posting things directly to Twitter himself, he couldn’t be bothered to post his own “Merry Christmas” greeting.

2. His wife vanished since yesterday: When a tweet was posted to Trump’s account on Sunday announcing “Happy Hanukkah” it was signed as being from Donald and Melania Trump. But his “Merry Christmas” tweet was signed as being just from Donald. In other words, in the span of a day, his staff forgot his wife existed.

3. Who poses like that? Not only does Donald Trump look lifeless and unhappy in this photo in front of a Christmas tree, he’s making a fist which makes absolutely no sense for a Christmas greeting. And, in an unintentionally humiliating snub, Trump’s staff picked out a photo which directly demonstrates just how tiny his hands are.

4. This angry pic was taken after he won: Trump played the part of angry dick throughout the campaign. But our Google reverse-image research reveals that this photo was taken during Trump’s victory tour, at a stop in Florida. So this is what Trump looked like, after he won the election, while he was on his celebration tour, while standing in front of a Christmas tree.

5. Trump never even saw his own Christmas tweet:: We have to assume that Trump never even knew this bizarre tweet was posted was posted to his account, because not long after, he went on Twitter himself and tweeted “Merry Christmas and a very, very, very , very Happy New Year to everyone” from his Android device – complete with the weird use of spacing and commas. If you enjoy Daily News Bin, consider making a contribution:

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