Here’s how to support Daily News Bin and independent news reporting in 2017

Daily News Bin provides crucial independent political reporting to millions of monthly readers. Due to the increasing popularity of our news site, a more powerful website hosting solution is required going forward.

In these inceasingly treacherous times for First Amendment freedom of the press and independent jouralism, we’re seeking to cover the hosting costs now so that we’re in a prime position to continue reporting on politics and elections throughout 2017.

The raw hosting cost for our growing needs is $999 per month, and that’s before any bandwidth overage charges and other hosting fees we may incur. Our new hosting solution will ensure that we’re in a bold position to continue delivering independent political reporting in 2017. The cost of the hosting for the full year is $11988.

Contributions you make to this fund will go to cover the website hosting costs for Daily News Bin in 2017. Make your contribution on our GoFundMe page.

If you enjoy Daily News Bin, consider making a contribution:

Bill Palmer
Contributed by Daily News Bin staff