Here’s your enthusiasm: Hillary Clinton got more New York votes than entire republican field

Hillary Clinton can celebrate after having received far more votes in New York than any other Presidential candidate in either party. But while she defeated him in a blowout by more than a quarter million votes, Bernie Sanders was the second place New York finisher in either party. In fact Sanders defeated Donald Trump by nearly a quarter million votes in his own right. Almost bizarrely, Hillary received more votes in New York than all republican candidates combined. What kind of math is going on here?

It’s a reminder that even though Donald Trump dominated the New York republican primary contest, he’s not particularly popular there. New York is a blue state that will go to the Democratic Party in the general election in November handily. Even though Ted Cruz did horrendously with just 123,000 votes in the state, finishing behind sideshow candidate John Kasich, it turns out Trump didn’t do particularly well either. His turnout of 518,000 votes was dominant on a percentage basis but not at all inspiring. In fact Trump lost his home base of Manhattan by about five percent to Kasich. However, the real story here is Hillary Clinton‘s utter dominance.

Hillary already led Bernie Sanders by around 2.4 million votes nationwide, a tally which now climbs to around 2.7 million votes. Sanders had a strong night against the republicans, tallying 752,000 votes. But it turns out that Clinton and her 1.03 million votes are more than Trump, Kasich and Cruz received combined.

Cable news keeps harping on the lack of “enthusiasm” for the Hillary Clinton campaign, instead pointing to the larger turnout at rallies being enjoyed by Sanders and Trump. But neither of those two candidates could translate their gigantic New York crowds into votes. Perhaps it’s time for the media to stop measuring enthusiasm and popularity in terms of crowds, and instead measure it in terms of votes. After all, no one was ever elected to office by headcount at a rally. If you enjoy Daily News Bin, consider making a contribution:

Bill Palmer
Contributed by Daily News Bin staff