New evidence reveals Donald Trump is a financial and political puppet of Vladimir Putin’s Russia

Over the last couple of days, Russia has released stolen emails from the DNC. The FBI is investigating the hacking of the DNC servers, and the preliminary investigation has found that the servers were hacked by the Russian government, or sponsored by the Russian government. The clear beneficiary of the release of the emails is Donald Trump. We already knew something wasn’t right with Trump’s obsessive adoration of Vladimir Putin. It might be much worse than we thought. Is there something diabolical happening in Trumpville?

During the Republican Convention, Donald Trump indicated that he would walk away from NATO. His isolationist goals, sealing off the borders, abandoning trade deals, kicking out immigrants, etc tells us something. Under Trump, the United States would walk away from Europe as an active ally. This would clearly and demonstrably open up a vacuum, and open the door for increased infiltration of Russia into the financial and military policy positions of the European Union, Middle East, Africa and around the globe.

Vladimir Putin, an ex KGB guy, is for Russian economic and military dominance. Trump seems to now be a puppet for Putin, and has vowed to clear the way for the dictator to claim Europe, and return the world to the Cold War. If Trump is elected, we might expect the Soviet Union to return in one form or another. Expect the United States to shrink as a superpower and leader of the free world. This would be by design. Such is Trumps America.

Financial Ties to Putin

For two decades, Trump has made numerous trips to Moscow. Russian investors have invested in Trump’s properties around the world. Trumps son, Donald Jr. told a real estate conference that a disproportionate amount of investments comes from Russia. The Trump Soho development in Manhattan, was the hit with a series of lawsuits claiming that Trump defraud investors by making false claims on the financial health of the project. In the investigation, evidence of secret financing for the project from Russia and Kazakhstan came to light, with ties to the Russian mafia, or criminal underworld.

Let’s see…

1. Trump wants an isolationist United States.
2. Trump doesn’t speak out against Assad in Syria, who Putin is helping.
3. Trump wants to walk away from NATO, leaving Europe to Putin as far as influence goes.
4. Trump owes millions to Russia in loans. Russia is heavily invested in Trump Enterprises.
5. Paul Manafort, Trumps campaign manager worked as consultant to ex Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovych.
6. Yanukovych was granted asylum from Putin after being driven from power in Ukraine.
7. Manafort was hired to clean up Yanukovych’s image in Russia, just like he’s attempting to do with Trump.
8. Trump’s tax returns would likely show his connections to and dependence on Russia and Putin.
9. Trump refuses to produce his tax returns because “It will hurt my campaign”.

Politico’s James Kirchick and TPM’s Josh Marshall have a pretty good beat on this topic. I’m still studying and watching for FBI updates, but seriously, what the hell kind of reckless megalomaniac are Republicans supporting here? This is serious stuff that needs an immediate and thorough investigation by the FBI as well as the responsibility of Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC investigative reporters. The entire backbone of the nation could at risk of being broken under a Trump regime. I seem to recall that Hitler and Stalin were aligned before Hitler screwed Russia. Historical parallels are abundant, and scary as hell.I’ve listed a few bullet points from Josh Marshall’s article to wet your whistle, but click on the links for the “Full Monty”.

1. Trumps debt load has grown dramatically over the last year, from $350 million to $630 million. His liquid assets have also decreased. Trump has been blackballed by all major US banks.

2. Post-bankruptcy Trump has been highly reliant on money from Russia. He has relied on Russian investors to buy their properties around the world.

3. Trumps Soho project was the hit with a series of lawsuits claiming fraud against investors. Emerging out of that litigation however was news about secret financing for the project from Russia and Kazakhstan. Most attention about the project has focused on the ties to the Russian criminal underworld.

“The project occasionally received unexplained infusions of cash from accounts in Kazakhstan and Russia.”

4. Trumps campaign manager and top advisor. Paul Manafort spent most of the last decade as top campaign and communications advisor for Viktor Yanukovych, the pro-Russian Ukrainian Prime Minister and then President whose ouster in 2014 led to the on-going crisis and proxy war in Ukraine. Yanukovych was and remains a close Putin ally.

5. Trump’s foreign policy advisor on Russia and Europe is Carter Page, a man whose entire professional career has revolved around investments in Russia and who has deep and continuing financial and employment ties to Gazprom. You can’t be involved with Gazprom without being wholly in alignment with Putin’s policies.

6. Over the course of the last year, Putin has aligned all Russian state controlled media behind Trump. Trump has repeatedly praised Putin, not only in the abstract but often for the authoritarian policies and patterns of government which have most soured his reputation around the world.

There’s more. Josh’s article goes on about Trump walking from NATO, refusing to back NATO members in the Ukraine in the event of Russian invasion, and suggests very strongly that Trump may have in fact pulled off the biggest deal of his life, by selling out the United States of America in order to eliminate his Russian debt.

Trump has recently told the public that he would “negotiate down” debt to China and elsewhere, making deals which would crash the world economy. A deal with Putin to reduce or eliminate his personal debt sounds exactly like something Trump would do. He regularly brags on how he uses the system for financial gain as he rips off others to bolster his personal wealth.While this entire article alleges something very fishy going on, it is just in the beginning stages of investigation. Trump cares about Trump. Further reading: PoliticoTalking Points MemoDaily News Bin If you enjoy Daily News Bin, consider making a contribution:

Thom Palmer
Thom Palmer (no relation to Bill Palmer) covers political topics.


  1. Gary Ball on September 3, 2016 at 4:17 am

    The problem with articles like this is that 95% of readers will NOT take the time to research what is said and just lash out at anyone who doesn’t agree with or support their candidate. Instead of insulting other commenters or blindly denying the statements in the article why not do some research into the statements and see for yourself if any or all of the article si/are true facts?
    There are some facts that can be proven very easily as they have been proven already :-
    1) Trump has in his own words in interviews and speeches praised Putin.
    2) His campaign Paul Manafort HAS ties to Viktor Yanukovych, the ex Prime Minister of the Ukraine and who is still a strong supporter of Putin.
    3) Trump did say he thinks the USA should pull out of Nato.
    4) Trump did ask for Russia to help find the missing emails.
    5) The great majority of Trump’s companies have been or are in financial trouble with numerous Chapter 11’s and bankruptcies.
    6) Trump has said he would run the countries finances like he does his own businesses by reneging on contracts and negotiating ( forcibly ) settlements for pennies on the dollar. This would put the worlds financial stability in turmoil.
    7) Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns would show he has lied about all the donations he claims to have made, his financial imbalance and heavy debt load, his heavy dependence on Russian and Chinese financing for his businesses.
    8) Trump has alienated large sections of the citizens of the country and greatly divided the country with his hate and racist statements.

    Even if 10% of this article is proven true then we must look deeper into Trumps background and business dealings and his future plans to ensure he is NOT on the road to alienating our allies and aligning with Russia at the expense of the country.

    Hillary is NOT Snow White but most of the allegations against her have been proven false but can you say the same about Trump.

    • Curtis Johnson on September 17, 2016 at 6:42 pm

      LOL such BS!! Most allegations have been proven false!? They head FBI guy specifically said SHE DID IT, if she were a NORMAL PERSON SHE WOULD BE IN JAIL!! THAT’S SAYING SHE ISSS GUILTY!! Your entire comment is now garbage. Praising someone in another nation does not align that person with that nation. If it were true, guess we could say Obama and Hillary are both for terrorism, seeing as how they both support terrorist linked Countries.

      • Phyllis on November 1, 2016 at 9:26 pm

        Actually if she was any other normal person she would have not gone through this character assasination. 2 previous Secretary of States, both Republicans, have come out to say that the email investigations are nothing more than a ‘witch’ hunt. Colin Powell advised Clinton how he used his server. He turned over none of his e mails. Condoleeza Rice, agreed that the attention in this matter was unwarranted. I wish many of Trump supporters would have the skills to look into things themselves.

      • Chuck on November 2, 2016 at 5:31 am

        Uh, no, “The head FBI guy” did not say that. In fact, he said the opposite. He said no prosecute would take this case based on the evidence, and at WORST Hillary was careless. Who gives a shit about those emails? Dumb Donald is doing the bidding of Russia. How can you even compare the two?

      • none on November 6, 2016 at 3:24 am

        Hillary Clinton was at the center of the Whitewater crime ring, remember. That netted a dozen felony convictions. However, only one of the criminals in that matter had a husband who was ruler of the US and was able to claim “executive privilege”… that he and his family were above the law.

    • Haya on September 18, 2016 at 3:56 pm

      I have Fact checked and all if not most is true. Trump cannot do what he says because of these bank ties the Russia and China. Tramp can rip apart this county. Blind Trust is a joke!

    • Monica G. on October 23, 2016 at 5:53 pm

      Facts are still true, even if you don’t believe them.

    • none on November 6, 2016 at 3:22 am

      You are lying, Gary. Just some examples, using your item numbers:

      3) There is no connection between pulling out of NATO and being a Putin ally.

      4) Hlllary Clinton has engaged in a criminal action of refusing to turn over emails. Trump’s exasperation with this made him ask if an outside force could do this.

      5) Again, no Putin connection, even in your argument. I know some restaurants in town that went out of business. The restaurant owners love Putin! Right…

      6) See above.

      7) Trump’s refusal to turn over private information as protected by law says nothing. If there was anything illegal in his taxes, it would be a matter of public record

      8) Trump has not made racist statements. In contrast, Hillary Clinton supports blatantly racist policies. Trump does not.

  2. Josephine Smith on September 15, 2016 at 7:33 am


    • Phyllis on November 1, 2016 at 9:43 pm

      Not really, Trump is a snake, and Hillary Clinton has been judged by a much different criterion. She gives years of tax returns, the Clinton Foundation has a top rating, and spends most of its donations to help others (Trumps, closed and evidence of using donations for personal transactions, proved) she stayed with her husband, even though he lied to her. Trump knocked up Marla, while married to ‘the childrens’ mother. And ultimately, left Marla for Melania.. look into these things… if you don’t agree with information that does not support your views… go back to school and get an education.. or at least an ability to research in search of truth.. the system is not corrupt, we are the system. We are lazy, believe what we hear, without even knowing what and how we think effects others. Politico, snopes..are fact research resources. The German people elected Hitler..I don’t think they believed he was who he said he was.

    • Chuck on November 2, 2016 at 5:35 am

      Only half the system is corrupt. Unfortunately, that half spends most of its time making up stories to balance the actually disturbing behavior of its own party. There is a constant onslaught of lies form the right they are impossible to keep up with, so the scared sheeple who vote Republican are constantly misinformed.

  3. […] evidence reveals Donald Trump is a financial and political puppet of Vladimir Putin’s Russia  via […]

  4. Gale Mirzayanov on October 24, 2016 at 6:47 am

    I see you forgot about General Flynn (who would be Trump’s national security advisor). Flynn was seated next to Putin at a recent RT awards dinner. (RT -is Russian Television).

  5. Wendy on October 25, 2016 at 12:55 pm

    Does anyone ever proofread what they write on this site? There are so many grammatical errors, articles added to sentences where they don’t belong, subject-verb mismatches, incomplete sentences – it makes it really difficult to read what’s being said and then to believe what’s being said because of all the errors.

  6. carol bradley on November 9, 2016 at 3:00 pm

    Gary ,
    You are an embarrassment to journalism.
    You are a liar.
    You are a propagandist.
    Trump has 0 connection to Putin , unlike Hillary.
    Wikileaks has never had to retract a single story , how about you?

  7. Mike Rue on November 9, 2016 at 8:35 pm

    Don’t you mean the “Daily Refuse Bin”? Another lying, brain dead liberal handful of asswipe! Haaaa!

  8. greg on November 15, 2016 at 2:44 pm

    This whole article is nothing but guesswork, supposition, weak extrpolation, assumption, wishful thinking and is so fact-free as to be a complete easte of time. Truly a sad piece of so-called journalism……..

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