Take that, Donald Trump: the Women’s March makes the cover of Time Magazine

Just the other day, Donald Trump was (incorrectly) bragging to an audience of CIA officers that he’d been on the cover of Time Magazine more times than quarterback Tom Brady. Now he’ll have to come up with a different set of “alternative facts” to explain away this one, because the Women’s March — which massively outdrew his inauguration in terms of crowd size and attendance — is on the cover of the brand new issue of Time Magazine.

Declaring that “Perhaps the Largest Protest in U.S. History Was Brought to You by Trump,” Time Magazine unveiled its February 6th, 2017 cover today:

Time goes on to declare the following in its cover story:

“There is no precedent in U.S. history for the show of collective outrage that answered Trump’s Inauguration. But then, there is no precedent for Trump, either: impetuous, thin-skinned and, for his trouble, entering office facing a grassroots opposition that heated up faster than a cup of ramen. The face of that Democratic opposition–some call it the resistance–is female, which is to say it’s a face that as a private citizen Trump liked to judge on a scale of 1 to 10, and as a candidate measured by worthiness of his sexual attention.”

It’s already been confirmed by White House aides that Donald Trump was “visibly enraged” at the size of the Women’s March crowds. Now he’s likely to pop another gasket, once he gets a look at the cover of Time. You can read the cover story here. It’s not clear precisely when it’ll hit newsstands, in case you want a souvenir copy. If you enjoy Daily News Bin, consider making a contribution:

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