Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are simply anti-American terrorists

Vladimir Putin is a terrorist leader who has violated the sanctity of the United States in a manner which must not go unpunished, and Donald Trump is nothing more than one of his terrorist accomplices. That’s the only reasonable conclusion to draw after today’s revelation that Putin himself personally directed the cyberterrorist attacks which rigged this election in Trump’s favor. And now we have a real problem, because someone who is literally a terrorist accomplice is set to take up residence in the Oval Office in five weeks.

How we got here is painfully obvious in hindsight. We all watched it play out in real time. Donald Trump spent his entire campaign promoting positions that benefited Russia at the expense of the United States. His campaign manager Paul Manafort had taken millions in cash from the Kremlin. Several other members of his staff including Boris Epshteyn and Carter Page (who is chillingly in Moscow as we speak) also had bizarre ties to Russia. Donald Trump Jr was on record bragging about how much money Russia had been investing into his father. And oh by the way, seventeen different U.S. intelligence agencies all told us Russia was trying to rig this.

So what do we do now? Donald Trump absolutely must not take office. And yet this must happen within the confines of our system of democracy. The Electoral College must reject him on December 19th. Failing that, someone must find a way to put this matter in front of the Supreme Court, which has the Constitutional power to resolve this matter in more or less any way it sees fit. Should the court insert Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office, on the grounds that Donald Trump disqualified himself by colluding with Putin? Clinton would have no mandate, but at this point we’re out of ideal options. Now we’re just looking for any Constitutional option that keeps a terrorist out of the White House.

This situation is now no different than if Osama Bin Laden had found a way to rig a U.S. election such that one of his sidekicks was in line to become President of the United States. Whether it be the Electoral College or the Supreme Court who remedies this, our Constitution is now being tested in a manner never previously imagined. We simply must hope that the document is every bit as capable of remedying this situation as we’ve always assumed it was. Short of that, we all become citizens of a Russian terrorist regime in five weeks. If you enjoy Daily News Bin, consider making a contribution:

Bill Palmer
Contributed by Daily News Bin staff

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