With Planned Parenthood shootings, Carly Fiorina graduates to domestic terrorism ringleader

After running a Fortune 500 company into the ground and then running an embarrassingly dishonest Presidential campaign which promptly collapsed, Carly Fiorina can now add something far more disturbing to her legacy of failure. She spent her campaign loudly spreading vicious lies about the group Planned Parenthood in the hopes of winning over the support of the mentally unstable conservatives who believe that the rights of fetuses are worth killing for, and now she’s responsible for eleven people getting shot, including five police officers. In other words Fiorina is now, in the textbook definition of the word, a terrorist.

Before dealing with Fiorina’s ventures into terrorism, let’s first clarify something: yes, this shooting was domestic terrorism. When violence is carried out against an arbitrary group of people for ideological reasons, it’s terrorism by definition. The fact that he was likely a white conservative Christian, and not a stereotypical Muslim, has no bearing on the fact that this was a terrorist attack against the United States. Now let’s deal with the larger issue: yes, Carly Fiorina was responsible for this attack on our soil, to the point that by all rights she should be facing federal charges.

By repeatedly and intentionally stirring up hateful sentiment among a group of disturbed and armed individuals who think fetuses are worth killing over, and by spreading lies about Planned Parenthood in particular, Carly Fiorina knowingly attempted to incite them to violence against the entity. She is many things, nearly all of them distressing, but she is not stupid. She knew what she was doing. Fiorina might as well have pulled the trigger and shot those five cops themselves.

Fiorina will of course not face any criminal charges. But she’s now made her bed with the likes of others who have intentionally encouraged disturbed individuals into murdering Americans for imaginary political causes so they could strategically benefit while sitting home. And now the only thing Fiorina should be remembered for are the words “domestic terrorism ringleader.” Because at this point that’s all she is. If you enjoy Daily News Bin, consider making a contribution:

Bill Palmer
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  1. Tom on December 1, 2015 at 1:10 am

    Nick, you seem to have no clue as to what you are talking about. Yes, words can be used to incite violence as well at to manipulate people into doing many other things. Have you ever heard of conversational or covert hypnosis? When used properly for benevolent purposes it can be a wonderful tool for therapy and helping people but the potential to use it for self serving or destructive purposes is equally valid. The words in and of themselves are harmless however how they are used can make all the difference in their effect. There are certain trigger words and phrases that create unconscious responses in a majority of the American public on an emotional level and when such emotions are manipulated it is actually very easy to create certain given responses. Being someone who is trained to use such manipulation techniques and having done so for over three decades, I can attest to the fact that it does work and often does so without the persons being manipulated knowing that it is being done. Even when the target person has it explained to them what was done, they will generally tend to deny that they have been manipulated. To be totally honest the persons that I find the easiest to manipulate tend to fall into two overlapping groups, Christians and conservatives. Both often have the preponderance to be stimulated rather easily where their emotional responses are concerned which in turn shuts down their critical faculty, thus opening their subconscious to be receptive for suggestions. If you want to check this for yourself, simply call someone a communist traitor or some other harsh references that have negative connotations based on American perceptions. Then call someone a true American patriot and see what the response is. You may be able to feel within yourself certain emotional responses simply by thinking of testing what I have stated. Yes, she just like any other politician has used words and phrases to incite emotional responses followed by indirect suggestions. To again be honest, Americans in general have a higher degree of prevalence where covert manipulation within it’s culture than most other western societies, again this is based on my experience and association with the US government currently and travels to other countries over the past 30+ years. (I am now officially retired.) Just for fun you could watch some Derren Brown clips on YouTube to see how easy these tactics are to use once you learn and practice them, his clips are fairly harmless and entertaining. Some people use such tactics to some degree without being trained based on experience and the effect they get but for a trained master of the art, we can get effects that seem impossible to the average person.

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